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Whilst the products of one company are almost indistinguishable from that of another company, it is the service levels of a company which really matters. Whilst most kitchen companies today supply adequate and fairly good quality products, it is the service levels afforded to customers which makes the difference between success and disaster. Far too many companies only focus on being product or price competitive and badly neglect the customer service part which by far matters the most. About 80% of all customer complaints in the kitchen industry are due to some problem with service delivery, communication and customer support. This is a sad state of affairs and untold numbers of customers suffer due to this - only discovered after the sale was concluded.

Weizter sets itself apart from other kitchen companies by providing more value added services to customers than any other kitchen company within South Africa. Since it's inception in 1994 and with more than 80,000 transactions later, Weizter have far outgrown competitors in service delivery. Weizter believes that customers do not only buy quality cupboards from a kitchen company, indeed customers also require high quality service levels in this modern era. To this end and for many years, Weizter have systematically developed many unique, valuable and not found elsewhere, value added services for it's customers. Today, Weizter provides such a formidable package of value added service far beyond the capability of it's competitors, that it can best be described as a "Unique Weizter Experience”. This is how we arrived at our branding slogan "Beyond Expectation".

No delay designs
Although 3D design software are fairly common place, Weizter offers customers a unique "no delay" 3D design service. Our designers are all equipped with laptops and 3D design software allowing designs to be made in your presence at the very first meeting. Other companies and their designers will first measure your project and then you wait days or weeks for them to produce your design. They will eventually get your design done when they have access to a central company PC and 3D design software. Weizter is different! At more than R80,000.00 per designer, Weizter spend a small fortune on software and hardware allowing our customers to receive designs on the spot. Weizter delivers full 3D designs on the spot with total customer involvement resulting in no customer delay, frustration, re-designing nor any surprises.  

Accurate prices and factory job card automation
Not satisfied with human calculation, bill of material and factory job card errors, Weizter developed it's own unique and proprietary costing software. This unique software allows error free calculations and allows for total factory job card automation. This software removes many links in the manufacturing chain resulting in far greater accuracy and less problematic experience for our customers. This is a huge and massive advantage over other companies who fail most of their customers in this regard. Weizter delivery and installations therefore run much smoother and quicker than found anywhere else in the industry.

Professional management
Unlike other companies where the design consultant is also your PRO, communicator, problem solver, co-ordinator and production clerk, we have a full professional team taking care of your project. Yes, it is more expensive but it is a far superior service than letting our designers become "Jacks of all Trades". Designers are busy, constantly in meetings with new customers, mostly out of office and not always available on their mobile phones. Weizter customers do not have to deal with frustrating delays in call backs, receiving update reports, getting answers, results or simply getting things done. Most other kitchen companies save costs by having their designers take care of all these duties - normally resulting in a frustrating and disastrous experience for the customer.

Nothing frustrates a customer more than the lack of adequate and proper communication. To this end, Weizter have extensive communication procedures ensuring that customers are well advised and informed. We invested heavily in all modern communications systems and staff to allow effective communication between company and customers. Our customers know what and when to expect things without the frustration of waiting for answers.

Lead time accuracy
Weizter lead time estimates are more than 99.9% accurate. This means that 99.9% of the time we will deliver when we say we will. It is indeed rare that we have to delay or postpone a contract by a day or two. When kitchen companies are late with their deliveries it normally causes a huge chain reaction in that plumbers, tilers, builders, and electricians are delayed. At the best of times, these trades then want to be paid additional amounts for their wasted time - at the expense of the customer. Amongst many other potential problems, considering that machines break without warning, suppliers run out of stock and employees get sick without notice, our 99.9% accuracy is truly remarkable compared to the industry standard. Our remarkable performance are largely due to our project management team, constant training and compliance to time proven manufacturing techniques - none of this latest and most common "Just In Time" ordering and manufacturing procedures. In addition, on the occasions where we do have to delay a project, customers are told ahead of time and not when we are already overdue.

Life Time Warranty
During 1996, Weizter took a unprecedented step and introduced a Life Time Warranty of all it's products. This was at a time when the industry only felt confident enough about their products offering their customers a 3 to 6 month warranty. To this day, Weizter's Lifetime Warranty remains unmatched by any other kitchen company - their warranties do not even come close! As with all warranties, it does not really matter until you need it. Regardless whether you now consider it worthy to have or not, there will come a time when you will wish you had such a warranty. In addition to the value you will derive from such a warranty, it is a clear sign about the confidence we have in the products you buy from us. Unlike the lame and weak warranties found elsewhere, we put our money where our mouths are by providing you with a strong written Lifetime Warranty. All Weizter customers enjoy a comprehensive warranty on the life of all it's products. Conditions apply.

Buy Back Guarantee
As might be your experience right now, if you are about to redo your kitchen, not a single kitchen company will buy your old cupboards from you. Indeed, all the money you paid the last time you revamped your kitchen will be completely lost when you redo your kitchen now. This is why you seriously need to consider Weizter for your new kitchen as we guarantee our customers that we will buy back their kitchen in 12 years from now. This guarantee is exclusively available from Weizter only and will greatly reduce your capital outlay on your next kitchen revamp. Conditions apply.

100% Money Back Guarantee
This is another unprecedented customer assurance policy unique and only available from Weizter. We are willing to put our money where our mouths are. Instead of useless verbal utterances of assured customer service and high quality standards, Weizter is the only kitchen company in South Africa (if not the world), which issues all their customers a written 100% Money Back Guarantee in the event of failure on our part. Not only that! This guarantee also specifically states that you may keep our product for yourself in addition to us refunding you 100% of the money you have paid. It simply cannot get any better than this and it's by far superior to any competitor warranty available to customers. This guarantee is simple to the extreme - if we fail to strictly comply with even a single obligation; a. you are entitled to keep the entire product and b. entitled to a 100% refund on any money you might have paid us. This guarantee places ALL the risk squarely in our lap and there can be no doubt that we have to perform to the highest standards and levels. It's time for companies to stop talking the talk, but to indeed start walking the walk. Conditions apply.

The shear weight of our value added services as detailed above and many others not mentioned here, are some of the reasons why Weizter is a cut above the rest. Whilst products may indeed be very similar, it is our vast experience, winning formulas and absolute commitment to the highest service standards which elevates Weizter far above the rest. Measure our competitors by the "Weizter Experience" and you will have no doubt who best deserves your support.

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