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beautiful bathroom


It is mascara , lipstick and foundation, but we all know that you can’t perfect the perfection without a perfect mirror.

The mirror in your bathroom can have a dramatic effect on the design details .You really have to consider the size of a bathroom mirror. You have to measure the vanity that the mirror will be installed above because a mirror that’s larger than the vanity will look awkward.


To prevent a box-like effect   ,keep two to four inches of open space between the edge of the mirror and the edge of the vanity.

To avoid water stains, consider sizing the mirror so that it starts about six inches above the vanity. Don’t let the mirror go over the edge of the vanity.


In most cases  ,a big mirror makes a small space look bigger. A quick consultation with one of our interior designers might give you ideas for your space.

Now you can perfect perfection!!*


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