Does different cupboard materials affect the cost?

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Written by Wednesday, 03 April 2013 21:44;
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Yes it does - quite substantially. There are a number of factors which have an influence on material costs. Some materials have a high demand and are manufactured on a bulk basis whilst other materials are less in demand and not manufactured in bulk. As with most manufacturing plants, costs are reduced whenever a product is manufactured in bulk. Certain materials are imported. Import and export duties, taxes, freight, insurance, shipping agents all add to the expense which is then ultimately paid for by the customer. Machine, tool and labour requirements to work certain materials are also different from each other and therefor vary in cost. The availability or scarsity of materials also influences the costs. For example, forest and world solid wood supply are rapidly being depleted - resulting in high costs. Finally, the level of competition or the lack thereof in material supplies have a influence on market prices.

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