Do you do any cabinet repair jobs?

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Written by Wednesday, 03 April 2013 21:30;
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Weizter specializes in complete and new complete kitchens. Whether it is an existing or new house requiring a new kitchen, we are willing and able to do the work. Weizter does not do any renovation or repair work on existing or old cabinets. On most occasions, it is more feasible and economical to replace the entire kitchen than doing some patchwork. Additional problems arise with redundant materials, colour matching, dated specifications, water and rot problems. It is also not always possible to detect every possible problem during the quoting stage. Some problems can only be detected or seen after the work has commenced. This normally leads to the proverbial “hidden costs” clause being enforced - resulting in additional expenses for the customer. From a customer perspective, this is by no means a pleasant experience.




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